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Old News is Still Good News

Old news is still good news. I’ve not done so hot in keeping up with the blog here…but I’ll try harder. Here are some recent daily paintings that I have completed within the past few months.

"Sunflower" by Elaine Brady Smith, 6" x 6" oil on panel.

“Sunflower” by Elaine Brady Smith, 6″ x 6″ oil on panel.

I labored a bit long over this sunflower, especially for it’s small size, but I am very happy with the way it turned out. The two tomato paintings below are dedicated to my dear cousin Jane.  Jane gave me a bunch of heritage seedlings for my garden this past spring. It was great fun, because although she had them carefully marked, I just planted them in somewhat of a random order.  It turned into a “mystery garden” as the tomatoes and peppers grew and I waited to see what would pop out on each plant. It was especially exciting when the chocolate peppers appeared. Now if they only tasted like chocolate…that would have been the real surprise.  I highly recommend this form of gardening. The suspense is thrilling!!! None the less, a few of the ripe tomatoes served as models for my still life daily paintings.

"Jane's Tomatoes" by Elaine Brady Smith, 6" x 6" oil on panel.

“Jane’s Tomatoes” by Elaine Brady Smith, 6″ x 6″ oil on panel.

"Who's the Better Boy" by Elaine Brady Smith, 6" x 6" oil on panel

“Who’s the Better Boy” by Elaine Brady Smith, 6″ x 6″ oil on panel

Some other news of note…

elaine brady smith collageI now have Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints available of selected collage works. The prints are available in three sizes and are printed on acid free matt finish paper. Additional new prints will be available in December.

You can view and purchase on my website elainebradysmith.com

Upcoming Dates to remember…

The Odd Ones Bizarre at The Millworks – Saturday, November 28th, 11am-5pm
The Odd Ones Bizarre is an alternative arts and craft event that has been happening in Harrisburg for 10 years, and we’re pleased to be hosting it at The Millworks this year! Join us as we celebrate the festive season with a collection of over 25 crafters, artists and creators who will be selling their handcrafted wares in addition to the 35 artists in The Millworks’ 23 artist studios! Support local artisans this season while buying handcrafted and thoughtfully made items for you and your loved ones.

Elaine Brady Smith – Featured Artist at The Millworks, Small Gallery – Dec 1-Jan10 – New work in Collage and Oil Paintings. Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints of many pieces will be available.

The Millworks, 340 Verbeke Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

As always, thank you for your interest in my art.



It’s About Time

Elaine Brady Smith

Elaine Brady Smith, photo by Paul V Studios

I thought it was about time I write a blog post! I haven’t sat down to write one for quite a while now and it has been nagging at my brain. So here I am, breaking the ice with a post just to get me back into the swing of things. Not that I lack something to say…by no means…there is a lot to say!

We have settled into a new life at The Millworks, 340 Verbeke St, Studio 104, Harrisburg, PA 17102 since December 1, 2014. Joan Maguire and Christine Goldbeck and I are sharing the space and we are loving it!!! The Millworks officially opened on March 12, 2015 and we haven’t had time to look back since. Patrons of the arts and all walks of life have been flocking in to see the artist studios, sample the excellent homemade sustainable menu and have a nice cold craft beer.

The Millworks by Paul V Studios

The Millworks by Paul V Studios

If you come, the best time to visit the studios is First Saturday of every month, 10am-10pm, and Third in the Burg, 4pm-10pm (third Friday of the month). Other times are hit or miss to see the artists, as they come and go as their schedules permit.

As for myself, I try to be in the studio working at least 5-6 days per week. I am fortunate to be there during the day, and I am in most Saturdays too. I am finding my way back to being a still life oil painter recently. I’ll keep the mixed media and encaustic in the home studio for now. But I am having a great time working on my small series of still life oils. It’s been a wonderful fresh start for me and I feel content and happy!

I hope to see you at The Millworks soon!!!

View my new Still Life Oil Painting Gallery

Exhibit at The Gallery at LaCigale

The Gallery at LaCigale

I will be the guest artist at The Gallery at LaCigale in Mount Gretna, PA for the month of July with an opening reception on Friday, July 11, 5-9pm. The gallery is located on Rt 117 in the heart of Mount Gretna, right beside the miniature golf course. And here is the cool thing…they will be featuring Waltz Vineyards and for the first time Mount Gretna Craft Brewery! I love a good beer!!! There will also be music by Patsy Kline.

The Gallery at LaCigale Mount Gretna PA

The Gallery at LaCigale Mount Gretna PA

If you have never been to LaCigale, you are in for a treat. It is a darling shop full of wonderful things and beautiful table cloths made in France…yes, that LaCigale!!! There is a huge gallery full of awesome art by the resident artists. And you betcha…if I sell a piece of artwork…or I should say “when I sell a piece of artwork”, I will be buying a custom made LaCigale table cloth for my odd sized antique kitchen table. I have been wanting one for years!!!

I love Mount Gretna and it holds a special place in my heart. It’s where my husband and I had our first date. We took a motorcycle ride, went to the Jigger Shop for ice cream and then sat by the lake as the sun set. So cute right? I must have been smitten, because here we are almost 35 years later from that night and we’re still together!!!

So, come on out to the opening reception, look at some great art and have a beer with me! See you then!!!

The Creative Process

Amber Kane The Unstandardized StandardI woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise! Amber Kane, educator, textile designer, entrepreneur, and stellar day dreamer featured an interview with me on her blog, The Unstandardized Standard!!!

I recently completed Amber’s online course on Creative Confidence, and she asked each of the students attending to complete the interview questions. I feel honored to be the first interview posted!!!

You can read my interview and link to Amber’s blog to learn more about The Unstanderdized Standard. I highly recommend this course for those who are feeling a bit lost creatively or just need to get more organized and focused…and well…that was me in a nutshell for 2013. But it’s a new year and thanks to Amber, I now have some great ideas to make 2014 a highly creative year!!! I have already begun to put these tools into practice and I am so excited about it!!!

I get the best creative ideas when I’m….

When I least expect them!!! They usually come to me when I am doing something else, which is not always convenient, especially if I am not in the studio. I also love browsing the internet for ideas, especially Pinterest. After taking Amber Kane’s online creativity course, The Unstandardized Standard, I have begun pinning more and more to my Pinterest boards. I love Pinterest, but it can be a real time soaker and I was feeling a bit guilty about spending so much time there, but in Amber’s course I learned what a valuable tool pinning can be to improve my personal aesthetic. I have kept visual journals for years and Pinterest is just another way of collecting those visuals to spark an idea that might be helpful somewhere down the line. Now I allow myself time every day to browse and pin without guilt!!! Read the complete interview…

And by the way, Amber Kane makes the most beautiful scarves. It is my dream to own one someday!!! You can view her work here.

Thanks Amber!!! You’re the best!!!




Insitu and Testimonial

Elaine Brady Smith art In situ Christine Goldbeck's room.

Elaine Brady Smith art In situ Christine Goldbeck’s room.

What could be better than a friend who is also one of your collectors!!! I am honored and blessed with just that…a good friend and a collector. Christine Goldbeck, owner of Arts on Union has acquired a few of my pieces over the past few years and she views them daily as they hang in her bedroom and other parts of her home. She has always been one of my closest friends and an enthusiastic cheerleader of my art and creative efforts. A valued combination!


Christine is the owner of Arts on Union, 203 N. Union Street, Middletown. A lovely space that over the years has featured many talented artists, as well as Christine’s colorful and lively mixed media art and expert photographs. She is truly both an artist and a patron of the arts.

Below is the testimonial that Christine sent to me today:

“Well before I met Elaine and became a friend, I admired her work and started to collect it. Her collage paintings speak to the writer, paper lover, bibliophile in me. I have her paintings in my bedroom, wherein I spend a lot of time reading and writing in my journal. Being surrounded by Elaine’s work inspires me.”  Christine Goldbeck
Musk Roses by Elaine Brady Smith, owned by Christine Goldbeck

Musk Roses by Elaine Brady Smith, owned by Christine Goldbeck

Thank you Christine for your endless support and for liking my art enough to look at it daily!!!

And I would be remiss if I forgot to mention, Christine is also my art photographer. She snaps photo after photo of my art…even after I’ve made several revisions of the same piece. She never complains about re-shoots!

Love ya girl!!!

Arts on Union will be hosting an exhibit for our Mixed Media Art Group with the opening reception on Saturday, Dec 7, 5pm – 9pm.

View Christine Goldbeck Fine Artist

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