Primroses, Promise and a Nudge

Primroses by Elaine Brady Smith

In the dead of winter, when we are deep in snow and ice, we begin to see glimpses of what we are all longing for…Spring is coming!!! The beginning of February and Groundhog Day in Central PA means that winter will be over in about 6 weeks..Hurray!!! Not much longer to go!!!

I love it when the Primroses start to appear for sale in the stores. It’s a promise of Spring! I actually started this painting last year about this time and was about to throw it into the incomplete pile, when a customer said, “I like that painting and will buy it if you finish it”. So I finished it and I’m glad I did because I’m very happy with the results. Sometimes I just need a nudge.

Third in the Burg is this Friday (Feb 19, 2016) in Harrisburg. Come visit in Studio 104 at The Millworks!!!

You can view my progress with the daily oil paintings here.

Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints of many of my collages are available in my Etsy Store. Please have a look!!!

Thanks for viewing my art!


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