Insitu and Testimonial

Elaine Brady Smith art In situ Christine Goldbeck's room.

Elaine Brady Smith art In situ Christine Goldbeck’s room.

What could be better than a friend who is also one of your collectors!!! I am honored and blessed with just that…a good friend and a collector. Christine Goldbeck, owner of Arts on Union has acquired a few of my pieces over the past few years and she views them daily as they hang in her bedroom and other parts of her home. She has always been one of my closest friends and an enthusiastic cheerleader of my art and creative efforts. A valued combination!


Christine is the owner of Arts on Union, 203 N. Union Street, Middletown. A lovely space that over the years has featured many talented artists, as well as Christine’s colorful and lively mixed media art and expert photographs. She is truly both an artist and a patron of the arts.

Below is the testimonial that Christine sent to me today:

“Well before I met Elaine and became a friend, I admired her work and started to collect it. Her collage paintings speak to the writer, paper lover, bibliophile in me. I have her paintings in my bedroom, wherein I spend a lot of time reading and writing in my journal. Being surrounded by Elaine’s work inspires me.”  Christine Goldbeck
Musk Roses by Elaine Brady Smith, owned by Christine Goldbeck

Musk Roses by Elaine Brady Smith, owned by Christine Goldbeck

Thank you Christine for your endless support and for liking my art enough to look at it daily!!!

And I would be remiss if I forgot to mention, Christine is also my art photographer. She snaps photo after photo of my art…even after I’ve made several revisions of the same piece. She never complains about re-shoots!

Love ya girl!!!

Arts on Union will be hosting an exhibit for our Mixed Media Art Group with the opening reception on Saturday, Dec 7, 5pm – 9pm.

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